Dean Storey

I'm running for mum, by taking part in Australia's Walk & Jog Challenge to raise much needed funds for dementia research.

I’m taking part in Australia's Walk & Jog Challenge by committing to raise much needed funds to support people impacted by dementia.

In 2021 I lost my mum who was battling an ultra aggressive form of dementia. I want to help Australian research into dementia causes, diagnosis, treatment and one day a cure. 

But I need your help! Please make a donation to support my efforts and help me to make the impossible, possible.

My fundraising will help support the work of Dementia Australia Research Foundation 

Thank you for your support.

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Brenton Russell



Happy birthday big fella!


Matt Nichils

Hope this helps to get over the goal of 4k bra Keep up the hard work


Karen Jeffery

Good work Dean. It’s a sad disease, one which my Mum had too. I was lucky though as she still knew who i was. Feel sad for ones who aren’t as lucky. Hope you reach your target and research can help the lives of many.


Tony Westlake

Awesome work mate, I recently lost my Aunty aged 82 to dementia so I’m happy to donate.


Roberto Canelas

Some of my best memories are us being carted around to play soccer by parents. Either playing with you or against you, I remember your mum as one of the happiest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. I’m sorry to hear mate, and this is the least I can do to support such an amazing cause.


Anthony Pinto

Good work👍🏻



Enjoy it, great cause


Ryan Thompson

Great effort Deano You're Mum & Dad would be very proud. Keeping pushing mate! Ry


Peter Faddoul

Happy Birthday Mate! As promised :)


Richard Marvin

Fair play mate, here’s the donation as agreed :-) Great work.


Josh Hallam

Looking strong today mate - keep up the good work 💪


Sue And Kerry Rowley

Proud of you Dean, your Mum would be too 🫶



Well done mate


Aaron Jenkyns


Lee Stapleton

Well done mate!


Peter Nejaim

Great initiative mate, well done!


Ben Dobbin

Happy birthday mate, you’re doing great, very inspirational. Keep it up!


Black & White Finance

You're a good man Dean Storey! On ya mate, from Pete and the team.


Dean Storey



Well done mate great cause and initiative - good luck with the ACL and getting back to fitness too


Tracey Paterson

Your mum would be so proud - I am too😊



Proud of you Dean!


Veronica Papaianni

Congrats on the funds raised so far!


Jasmin Certoma

Love ya brother!!


Ellender Family

Good luck great cause!




Rhonda Adams


Nev Nikolic

Dementia took my grandfather - I watched a man that was my hero as a child, become an empty shell in his final days … horrible thing… congratulations



Well done, Dean. Good luck and have fun.


Mitch Walkaden

Well done brother!!!


Sam Scott


Justyn Ferguson

Good Luck Legend


Sameer Chhatre

Good luck Dean.


Kendal Thomas


Joe Lewis

Nice work Dean. Such a great cause. No doubt you'll smash the target and the challenge.


Tony Heywood

Onya Dean. Great cause. Keep running


Michelle Sheehan


Claire Byrne



Great stuff bra



Go cunt go