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Kitchen reno

So we are putting a new kitchen in and need to pull out the old one.  Normally skip.would work on this and get things done, but today he keeps on putting the screws back into the cabinet because he doesn't understand the we need to pull it out to sell.  It has just taken an hour to get put 5 screws as he can't understand that we are pulling it out.  Its hard to watch him this way looking at me blankly at me not understanding what i am saying.  


So we had an emotional day yesterday as we had an appointment to speak with the NDIS about what they could help us with and how much support they could give Skip to maintain as much independence as possible.  It was a great meeting, however Skip had to face some truths that he wasn't really wanting to face so he was a bit deflated with the things we had to talk about.  However the good news is that we have been approved for all the assistance and funding support that we requested which will hopefully help Skip get out and about and start to try and participate in normal activities without having to wait for a family member to be home.

Daily challenges

So its been a varied few days Skip has found it difficult following simple instructions and whist it is extremely frustrating., i need to keep reminding myself that he can't help it.  He is sleeping for 16-17 hours a day and has active nightmares every night, sometimes falling out of bed and recently cut his head and arm on the bedside table.  We find a new challenge each day and also find a new way to overcome that challenge.  We keep fighting.

The weekend

So had a good weekend Skip came for a walk and we went to Brunswick Heads and he caught up with a few friends.  By the time we got home he was exhausted.  When he is that tired the coming days are difficult.  He made a dr appt but told me the wrong day so we missed it  He tried to call me but couldn't remember my name. So we have good days and bad.

The past few days

Hey everybody so its been a challenging past few days and Skip has faced a few more obstacles.  He has found it difficult to find some basic things and his speech has deteriorated to where he can't find the words to let us know what he needs,  so we are desparate to beat this horrible disability.   We have oir NDIS planning meeting in a week to hopefully get some assistance for him.

Skips journey

Skips memory has been fading and whilst he remembers things from years ago but forgets things we talked about 10 mins ago.  He avoids conversation as he gets lost and confused so will avoid participating.   He sits at home all day and either sleeps or avoids going out, he avoids having to talk unless one of us is with him.  He doesn't eat much and has been loosing weight.   It takes a lot of energy for him to go for a walk or even get up off the couch.  So help us find a cure, at the moment they have some medication to try and stall the progression but nothing to stop it. We would love the old Skip back in our lives and will do anything we can to get there.

I'm making the impossible, possible, by taking part in the Impossible Walk & Jog for {walking_for}, to raise much needed funds for dementia research.

I’m challenging myself by committing to 5km a day over 4 weeks to raise much needed funds to support people impacted by dementia.

But I need your help! Please make a donation to support my efforts and help me to make the impossible, possible.

My fundraising will help support the work of Dementia Australia Research Foundation, funding innovative Australian research into dementia causes, diagnosis, treatment and one day a cure.

Thank you for your support.

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