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Halfway through the month and halfway to 100km! (give or take a day and a couple of km) Thank you so much to those who have already donated, because we were so close to my goal of $500 I've now increased my fundraising goal to $750 so please donate if you can!
I had originally said that I would walk 150km over the course of May (roughly 5km a day) but I had to re-evaluate, with full-time work, rain and cold, it is not always plausible for me to walk 5km a day so instead I am aiming for 100km which gives me a little bit of leeway but it is still a challenge! Where I can I will be going for walks in my lunch breaks when I am on the day shift and hopefully the full 5km walk in the morning when I am working the evening shift.
Keep donating for dementia! 

My May Memory Walk

Tomorrow I start the Impossible Walk and Jog which is a personalised form of the Memory Walk for dementia which I like to call My May Memory Walk. Every May since 2020 I have walked and fundraised for dementia Australia. I was prompted into doing this because my grandma Barbara passed away in the April of 2020 and I wanted to do something in her honour to support either Vision Australia or Dementia Australia. Memory walks are run across the country but as everybody was in lock-down in 2020 My Memory Walk was created where everyone could do their own walks but still fundraise for the cause. It seemed like the perfect balance between honouring Barbara and staying sane during lock-down. Now it has become a tradition and although the Memory Walks are back up and running I still do my personalised Impossible Walk every May. My goal is to walk 150km throughout the month (an average of about 5km a day) and to raise $500 for Dementia Australia for research and also for the support of those impacted by dementia.

Fitness for a Cause

I'm getting ready to do my May Memory Walk again! This year is going to be a challenge now that I'm working full time rather than a full-time student but the cause is definitely worth the challenge! 

I'm making the impossible, possible, by taking part in Australia's Walk & Jog Challenge to raise much needed funds for dementia research.

I’m taking part in Australia's Walk & Jog Challenge by committing to raise much needed funds to support people impacted by dementia.

But I need your help! Please make a donation to support my efforts and help me to make the impossible, possible.

My fundraising will help support the work of Dementia Australia Research Foundation, funding innovative Australian research into dementia causes, diagnosis, treatment and one day a cure.

Thank you for your support.

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Kathleen Jones

Remember, the further and faster you walk, the warmer you'll be. :-)


Emma Marshall

Happy walking! Loving the autumn pictures so far 😊💚


Lauren Jones


Claire Cooper

Amazing effort - especially having to brave the Canberra cold! 🥶🩵


Vicki Wallis

Keep up the good work Lauren! Thank you for sharing articles to help understand dimensions and the ways donations helps with research.


Amanda & Tim

Great job Lauren! 💕 Happy walking ❄️ 🥶🥰


Kirsty Elliott